One to One Dog Training Services

Whether you would like to book single sessions or make savings with a dog training package, we have the option for you!

Initial 90min Consultations from £45

This is an initial 90min Consultation with Treat 'Em to assess the dog training needs of both you and your dog. We will discuss your goals, problems and the dogs environment before creating a basic dog training/behaviour outline that best suits your requirements. (Most simple dog training issues can be solved during this meeting.)
All dogs require an initial assessment prior to further training.

Single 90min sessions from £45

Basic Obedience - Teaching both you and your dog simple dog training methods to attain sit, down, stand and wait commands.

Walk The Talk - Teaching basics regarding on-lead walking including; loose lead walking, on lead obedience, recalls and on-walk etiquette.

Free Run Fun - Teaching basics regarding off-lead activities including; off-lead walking, recalls, emergency stops, cues from a distance and outdoor etiquette.

Barks 'n' Bundles - These sessions focus on homes that may be expecting a new baby. Treat 'Em Dog training will discuss options with you including preparing for the baby's first day at home and the best methods of introducing your dog to the baby as their new best friend. We will also discuss safety and help ensure the transition is as easy as possible for everyone in the home.

2hr New Puppy Package - £50

The New Puppy Pack includes an introduction to puppy training, house training advice including home set up, advice surrounding socialisation and a Treat 'Em Training Kit. The perfect way to start your puppy's new life at home.

Behaviour Modification - £45 to £60

These 90min sessions look at altering ingrained negative dog behaviours via dog training and shaping. This includes common problems such as aggression, guarding objects, snapping etc. Using positive reinforcement, systematic desensitisation and operant conditioning, we can ensure that negative behaviours and home environments can be improved.

Please note, in some serious cases the above methods may not be effective. In such cases Treat 'Em will endeavour to provide you with a behaviour management process to help alleviate the stress for both yourself and your dog.

If you feel any of the above services are for you, or you would like to speak to a member of staff to find out which service best suits your needs and some basic advice please contact us. Price variations are purely due to distance from our location, it is not a reflection of the behaviour or dog being treated.