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Puppy Class in Marske needs your help!

posted 20 Aug 2013, 07:55 by John Lawrenson   [ updated 20 Aug 2013, 07:56 ]
Unfortunately, two of our spaces have been left to fill due to puppies not being able to get their relevant vaccinations on time. We need a little bit of help from you guys to help get the word out there and make sure we have a good full group ready for Friday 23rd August....gulp!

Now I know it's a big undertaking, but our clients have never let us down yet, and I'm sure they won't this time either.

So come on guys n gals, the next time you see someone walking down the street with the new pup they're so proud of point them in the direction of the best Puppy classes in the area and help us out!

A big thanks and suck up to you all....Treat 'em