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An apology and thanks in one.

posted 4 Jul 2013, 13:24 by John Lawrenson   [ updated 4 Jul 2013, 13:32 ]
We're sooo sorry we've been away!!

Well, it's been some time since we've had much to shout about here at Treat 'Em. Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances at home, we've been thrown waaaay off course and as a result we haven't been able to contact or deal with anywhere near the number of clients we'd grown accustomed to and we are very very sorry.

I would like to take the opportunity to apologise to any of our customers who have been unable to get through to us, it is not the Treat 'Em way of doing things. We believe in giving our customers prompt, quality feedback with a service to match and we have been unable to deliver that, a fact that has upset and frustrated us in equal measure. We just hope that any potential new customers can read this post and see how much we care, and that the happiness of our clients and their furry friends is the most important thing to us. For those existing customers who sent well wishes and support we thank you, you know who you are and it means so much to hear such positive comments about us, it has really helped us to get back on our game.

So where to go from here? Back into action...that's where! Getting ourselves back to one of the most respected and best damn pet service providers in our area is our goal, and we're hoping that you guys can help us get there. If you're a past customer leave some reviews on whichever listing you found us to let people know what you thought. If you're a new customer, give us a call and get to know us better, we'd love it if you could join the Treat 'Em family. For customers that have tried to contact us and we were unable to get back to you in time, please accept our sincere apologies and believe us when we say it took a pretty big deal to keep us laid low.....

Right....apologies and thanks out the way. So what can you expect from us going forward? In short, a lot. At length, a great number of things that we always wanted to be able to offer but were unfortunately unable to do so due to bad luck and circumstance. All those great ideas from our customers are being worked on at Treat 'Em HQ too, so expect to see all sorts of ideas and events including:

  • A more streamlined, affordable, educational and most importantly effective one to one dog training service that gives the best bang for buck we can muster.
  • Group training sessions will be back....yey! The prices and content are going to be changing slightly, but we guarantee fun, positive, effective methods with even more added value than we had before. We will also be listening to our customers and offering adult classes when/where available. We might even be holding some out and about in the local parks in your area.
  • **NEW** After popular demand, Pack Walks are currently being discussed with the big wigs at Redcar Council and we're hoping to hear back any day now that we can provide a great social experience for your dogs and puppies including some basic training tips absolutely free of charge.
  • Dog Walking Services are reinstated thanks to our new cool vehicle (no really it's cool, air conditioned rear to help your pooch travel in style). We're pretty booked up at present due to back logs of demand (sorry again) but give us a call and let us tell you why our walking services are some of the finest around and when you can book your dog in for some great, fun walking options.
  • **NEW** Dog and Pet Sitting! It always seemed that the only time people asked for at home sitting is when we didn't advertise it, but we're taking the risk and letting people know anyway (superstitious bunch here but hey). Sick of going on a night out and clock watching for fear of soggy patches on the sofa and carpets? Give us a call and let us not only keep your home safe and sound while you're away but also fuss your pets so much they'll feel like it's their special evening, not yours.
  • Training Supplies and Treats are coming back! This has been one of the hardest parts for us while not being able to work at full capacity because our customers just love our high quality, hypoallergenic dog treats and supplies so much. Our loss was a local charity's gain when we passed all our stock to them though, so that definitely helped us feel better.
  • **NEW** Herbal Supplements are coming to Treat 'Em in a big way. We're really interested in herbal solutions at Treat 'Em and can't wait to start spreading the love via our shop. 
  • A new look for a new us. Expect to see a steady change in our branding and look over the next few weeks. Don't wprry, it's still us, we just believe a new start deserves a new look and feel that will reflect everything that's brilliant about Treat 'Em while having the happy coincidence of making us look rather dashing.
  • **NEW** Free, practical, simple training videos that everyone can access, right here on the Treat 'Em site and YouTube. We've wanted to do these for soooo long it's crazy, but we've finally got the tools we need to do the job justice.

As a final note, I'd like to thank my wonderful partner and pooch. Without your support and help I'm not sure I would of made it back so quickly (or sanely....that a word?). You guys mean the world to me and I'll do everything I can to make you as proud of me as I am of you. Thanks for hanging in there with me xxx

So what do you think? Can you forgive us and give us a call? Got comments or suggestions you'd like to leave? If so leave a comment below or at our Facebook page, we'd love to hear from you (good and bad) as every comment shapes our business for the future.

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