Questions about classes answered

Some of your questions answered.....

Q. How old does my puppy need to be before attending classes?

A. All puppies should be 20 weeks or under on the course start date for our "starter" class and under 12 months for our junior groupsThis ensures that all the dogs in the group are of similar sizes and age to interact safely and so socialise effectively. Please ensure your puppy has been vaccinated and cleared to socialise by your vet before coming to our classes (you can book in advance though!) Puppies that have moved through the starter class can then enjoy socialising with juniors after for the standard weekly cost if you like.

Q. What does the class cover?

A. Each week looks to build upon the previous experience (and hopefully practice) carried out by you and your pup. Our courses are designed to combat the majority of behaviour problems we often see in adult dogs, so we ensure we cover as many aspects as possible. Typical subjects covered are:
  • Introduction to the course, what to expect, methods to use, and the less fun registration. Why you're a responsible dog owner and why we're here.
  • When is a cute puppy not a cute puppy? When he's chewing my fingers off! We look at teaching your puppy "bite inhibition", chew toy training (your expensive shoes will thank us), house training and character building exercises. 
  • Socialisation with people including men, children, groomers and the dreaded v....e....t. The basics of training your puppy to sit, down, and stand. Handling your puppy and teaching it it's name. 
  • How to introduce collars, leads, and hopefully the first of many walks. How to ensure your puppy doesn't grow up to walk you instead of you walking it.
  • Stay, wait and good manners. Why all your hard work goes wrong when you're out of the house. 
  • Recall exercises and rainy day games to keep your puppy in top shape and away from those roads. 
  • Leave, off and how to avoid your dog getting the "MINE MINE MINE!" behaviour.

Q. Ok.....What's the cost?

A. All our puppy classes have a £30 initial payment and only £5 per week after. (This ensures that we can keep the venue going, just in case there are any early leavers.) You can come for as long as you like, with older dogs working separately from the youngsters.

Q. How do I book a place?

A. Good question! Feel free to call us on 01642 958120 / 07508 214932 or complete our contact form. Places are limited, so we do suggest booking as early as possible.

Q. Time and place?

A. Classes currently run at a number of venues and times. Give us a call so we can find the best match for you.